Details on the new 250GB Xbox 360 slim

We now have some of the missing details from yesterday's announcement of the new redesigned Xbox 360. For those wondering the new Xbox 360 sports:

  • 5 USB ports, 2 on the front and 3 on the back.
  • Touch sensitive eject and power buttons.
  • A dedicated Kinect port, think of it as a high-powered USB port, original Xbox 360 owners will be required to plug Kinect into the mains.
  • Xbox 360-style AV and HDMI out, with one addition an optical-out jack, so people wishing to use HDMI won't have to use the separate audio break out cable for optical.
  • Still has an external power supply, approx. the same size as the 150w Jasper ones.
  • Still has a removable hard drive, one that slots inside the actual console like the PS3 but it still uses a custom connector.
  • Controller design is the same, with slight colour changes.