Interested in seeing the Demons Soul's Black Phantom Edition?

Well now you can! I've put together a video showing what you get in the UK collector's edition of the game, which happens to be pretty much the same as the Deluxe edition that North America had, just with a few art changes here and there.

I was one of those people who decided to import Demon's Souls, having the impression that it would never see the UK's shores making me import the standard copy of the game (the deluxe edition was sold out). However Demon's Souls is now out in the UK and has a Phantom Black Edition for any people who happen to purchase the game.

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The Demon's Souls Black Phantom Edition can be found in most good retailers in the UK, with an RRP of £44.99, and will be the only copy you can find, which is great as there's no decision to if you should spend that extra £10 or so on the collector's edition of the game. I highly recommend Demon's Souls so I urge anyone interested to check it out as it's a great (but hard) game.