Time to prepare for phase 2...in Dementium 2

Dementium II is a sequel to the cult followed Dementium, which sadly had a very small release which caused it to be one of the lesser known Nintendo DS titles out there. Of course the 15 BBFC age rating didn't help that much either as it would cut off a large portion of the DS audience. The original however was quite highly praised and a favourite of those who purchased it.

Just under a year later (for those in the UK, two and a half in North America) and Dementium II is being released, once again following the unfortunate William Redmoor, who wakes up in the Bright Dawn Treatment Centre after having some extensive brain surgery. However something is wrong at this centre, and William soon discovers horrific creatures, a surgeon who has a few too many screws loose and ghostly links to his troubled enigmatic past.

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Gamercast are hoping that is surpasses the original and brings another enjoyable horror experience to the DS, this time featuring an 18 age rating, adding another game to the very small mature selection of DS games.

Dementium II is currently scheduled for release on April 9th in Europe and April 20th in North America, after a slight delay from its original release date.