Ready for a spot of hunting in Deer Drive?

Ready for a spot of hunting in Deer Drive?

Everyone loves the FPS genre and if there's one secret pleasure that a lot of gamers hold, its shooting poor defenceless beasts that didn't mean you any harm, in fact that's the very reason that Postal was so successful!

No, we're not talking about mass murder simulators, but the hunting simulator! So grab your rifle, your bag of ammo and stay alert, cause it's hunting season out there! With a range of animals including deer, rabbits, squirrel, deer, bears, birds and even more deer getting caught in your sights, you'll have to use your lightning fast reactions to make sure you don't miss a beat in the fast paced world of open season.

Now don't go saying you're better than the genre, heck, everyone used to have a good play of Deer Avenger back in the day, which was sort of the same thing right? As a partial sim/arcade style game your biggest importance is held on your high score, so you'll need to keep an eye on how much ammunition you use, where you shoot your prey and dodge those rampaging moose for the best score.

Deer Drive is set for a release August 17th as part of Excalibur Publishing's expansive Extra Play range.