DeathSpank returns in The Baconing

Hothead Games have announced a new game fixating on America's love of Bacon, a new stand-alone game about the mythology of the Bacon Fires... it is called, The Baconing. We kid you not, players have been promised a lot of fun, the chance to meet some old friends and make some new acquaintances.

Their spokesperson Bob from Marketing has said;

“With an epic name such as 'The Baconing' we didn’t want to detract from one of the most memorable video game names in history, so we created a trailer that shows only the title logo. This trailer explains half of the story about how we arrived at this name, the other half of this story is down to one of our loyal fans.”

So, sources from Kotaku say that The Baconing will be the third iteration in the DeathSpank series, which is pretty self-explanatory when you consider the font used in the video. Kotaku state that the game will be an improvement on the first two games with gameplay and combat improvements as well as a new ai system.

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We at Gamercast welcome the return of DeathSpank, and cannot wait to delve into a new adventure with the comically centred hero. What more, is the Baconing is currently in development for PC, Mac and other formats for release this summer.

Sometimes you just wish that Hothead produced straightforward press releases, they've also announced a new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game, who knows what platform that is getting released on!