Reap it up in the newly announced Death inc

Reap it up in the newly announced Death inc

We love our quirky games, so we were chuffed to hear of a new game from the recently formed Ambient Studios made up of a selection of games developers from the heart of the British industry, in sunny old Guildford. Their new game Death Inc focuses on Medieval England and puts you in the role of Grim T. Livingstone; reaper and entrepreneur.

It’s been a while since Death has been covered in a game, and if Ambient Studios pull it off as well as LucasArts then they can’t go wrong. Better yet, we see Death Inc as a bit of simulator, we love the simulation of odd-jobs that the genre provides, and what better job than Death himself. It's not a simulation unfortunately though, and the developers see it as more of a freehand strategy game.

Death is big business, and the Ministry of Mortality is the agency that deals with finding the recently deceased, and helping them on their way to their afterlife. It’s not a multi-million pound making business, so when times get rough in Medieval England, you’ve got to try your best to spread the bubonic plague across the small island, and reap the most benefits!

The aim of the game is all about infecting as many peasants, serfs, wenches and nobleman as you can get your hands on and thwarting the forces of good while you’re at it, it’s looking pretty promising at the moment and we hope to hear and see more of the game soon.

Death Inc will see an initial release on PC and Mac, and already has a Kickstarter project planned for February 4th when we’ll hear more surrounding the game.