Snap up the Death Inc. demo now!

Snap up the Death Inc. demo now!

Excited about Death Inc. but aren’t sure if it’s going to be your cup of tea? Well you’re just in luck, as the guys at Ambient Studios have released a prototype demo for the game that has been in development a mere 10 weeks, the demo represents a small slice of the strategy portion of the game, showing what they aim to achieve with it.

The demo gives a ten minute taste, allowing you to control death and his minions to spread the deadly plague from village to village whilst being weary of strong units such as the swordsmen, archers and the notorious noble.

Now the demo is by no means a finished product, and is pre-alpha, which means that the game is not yet finished, so the performance and quality is not fully representative of the final game, so you may find bugs, certain aspects may not work the way you envisioned, and unfortunately there is no sound.

The Death Inc. prototype is available to download for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. In fact you can even play it online!

There’s no reason not to, so check out the prototype demo and see what you can expect from the colourful strategy! Tell your friends, get the word out, and spread it like the plague!

In Death Inc. death is big business, and the Ministry of Mortality is the agency that deals with finding the recently deceased, and helping them on their way to their afterlife. It’s not a multi-million pound making business, so when times get rough in Medieval England, you've got to try your best to spread the bubonic plague across the small island, and reap the most benefits!

The aim of the game is all about infecting as many peasants, serfs, wenches and nobleman as you can get your hands on and thwarting the forces of good while you’re at it! Sounds fantastic? To make matters even better the game is a strategy, and will include all of the business aspects as mentioned in the interview.

If Death Inc sounds interesting to you, the Kickstarter is live, and has another 15 days to run, help fund them out for a unique and interesting new strategy to play on your PC!

Also if you've not yessed the game on Steam Greenlight, why not go and up vote them, after all there’s nothing better than another tantalizing new game to add the library!