Dear Esther soundtrack receiving digital release

With the re-release of Dear Esther just around the corner, fans of the game, and those interested will be pleased to find out that the highly praised soundtrack is also getting its own release via digital channels. Composer Jessica Curry hit the nail on the head with her haunting music and eerie soundscapes for the original Dear Esther Source mod back in 2008. For the remake, the music has been re-orchestrated and re-recorded by Curry.

Those unfamiliar with the mod may be interested to hear that Dear Esther abandons traditional gameplay for a purely story-driven experience, and the remake will fuse beautiful landscapes along with a break taking soundtrack to tell a powerful store of love, loss, guilt and redemption.

The 17-track OST will be available from a range of digital retailers for £5.99, however an official release date has not yet been confirmed, a preview of it may be found on Curry’s Zimbalam page. Dear Esther is due for re-release via Steam on 14th February 2012 for $9.99 we cannot wait to experience the beautiful tale the way it was originally intended.