Fan of Dead Space? Well then you better check out this Aegis 7 lithograph

For any fans of Dead Space out there, Visceral Games have put up a limited edition lithograph print of Aegis 7 on their store.

Gamercast recently acquired one and were very pleased with the print, it came nicely packaged (which meant no damage to it) and was well worth the small price to pay. If you want to see more about the Aegis 7 print check out the video showing it off.

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The Aegis 7 print is a piece drawn by the amazing Ryan Church, and is limited to a 500 print run, it only costs $29.95 off their website with a small charge for postage as well (was $13.00 to the UK). If you're a Dead Space/Ryan Church/Space fan we recommend picking one up, it's a nice print and will look great framed on a wall. They haven't sold all 500 yet so we recommend to pick one up as soon as possible before they're all gone.