Dead Rising 2: Case West announced

Capcom had some great announcements from this year's Tokyo Game Show, giving fans a new Devil May Cry to wait for, and even a new Steel Battalion for mech fans out there, however one of their best announcements is Dead Rising 2: Case West which is going to extend the experience of Dead Rising 2, which with Case 0 has been extended quite a bit already, but Capcom are going the extra mile by allowing players to go co-op with Chuck Greene and Frank West in this epilogue. Allowing you to look even more into the reasons behind the outbreak in Fortune City and delve even deeper into reasons for the Willamette incident.

Similar to Case 0; Case West seems to be another Xbox 360 exclusive which is great for 360 owners but a little dampening for if you're a PS3 owner. We hope that all your PP will transfer over from Dead Rising 2 into Case West to make them all connect to each other and not feel like a means to get a little more money out of their fans. Hopefully Case West will not disappoint and will deliver an enjoyable short story just like Case 0 did.

Currently no release date has been announced for this epilogue to perhaps bring a close to the series, however we're sure it'll follow shortly after the release of Dead Rising 2, which comes out this Friday the 24th of September.