Would you like to take part in the Dead Meets Lead beta?

Keldyn Interactive the developers of Dead Meets Lead would like to invite any members of the public to sign up for the closed beta of their upcoming game.

Keldyn Interactive have announced that the closed beta for their game is set to start in the near future and they’re looking for participants to help out on previewing their game, as well as the chance to give any feedback to the developers before the launch of the game.

Dead Meets Lead for those unaware is a third person action adventure title set in the 18th Century, where a saviour only known as the captain has vowed to rid two plague-ridden islands of evil sinners, otherwise known as zombies.

They have also launched their first official video which includes gameplay, as prior to the teaser only screenshots and concept art were available, check out the video below to check out a short teaser of what you can expect from the game.

If you wish to try and get into the closed beta they’re offering the chance to a limited number of fans, and those who want to join in simply need to join their community forums, and you may be lucky enough to be chosen. We signed up to their community the second that we cast our eyes upon the game, and are looking forward to hopefully seeing some more gameplay. You can find out more about the beta on their website.