Darkstar the Interactive Movie headed to the UK soon

When Captain John O’Neil awakens from his cryogenic stasis aboard the lost and damaged starship Westwick, his memories have faded after a sleep of over 312 years. It is now the year 2499, and in a post-apocalyptic future you will need to search for answers.

In order to search for answers you will have to explore the haunted starship to find the true reason for the mission that you were on. O’Neil’s backstory will be unveiled as you unlock areas on the broken starship, as well as what happened to O’Neil’s partner Ross Perryman, why Pilot Paige Palmer is still in her cryo-chamber, who savagely murder Navigator Alan Burk, and what has happened to Earth.

Darkstar is both an adventure game and an interactive movie that features more than 13 hours of Full Motion Video sequences just like the classic trend of games in the 90s. With over 12 alternate endings, a massive cast of live actors and the final performance of Peter Graves Darkstar combines the best of the adventure game genre with science fiction filmmaking in this ground-breaking production.

A mix of dark humour, horror and classic sci-fi, Darkstar will introduce a generation of gamers to what used to be one of the biggest forms of storytelling of video games in the 90s. Get ready to wander, search, discover and enjoy the starship Westwick when Darkstar is released December 9th 2011, thanks to Lace Mamba Global.