Make Haste! Download the Crusader Kings II demo today and get some free DLC!

So you never gained access to the closed beta in October? Drooling at the sight of playthroughs on Youtube? Can't wait until next Tuesday? Well you're in luck! Because those lovely people at Paradox Interactive have released a demo for Crusader Kings II.

Although it's not an early release, the demo allows you to play as one of four different characters throughout 20 years of history; you'll get access to all of the single player capabilites, not to mention an extensive tutorial to get you all clued up for release. Unfortunately they can't give you absolutely everything in the demo, so multiplayer and save/load is disabled, after all they can't just give you the game for free!

In addition to the demo, Paradox Interactive have also announced that the pre-order campaign has begun, and starting from today you can pre-order the game, and receive free bonus content, the full game and two additional DLC packs;

Crusader Kings II Mongol Families DLC
The Mongol Families DLC contains thousands of unique face combinations for male and female characters of the Mongol cultures. It also contains seven new unit sprites for Archers, Horse Archers, Heavy Infantry, Pikemen, Light Infantry, Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry.

Crusader Kings II Dynasty Shield DLC
Containing 50 unique dynastic shields for the 50 most famous families of Medieval Europe

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Europe is in turmoil, and the fate of your dynasty is held in your hands alone, so make history and download the demo from Fileplanet right now!

Many were called, and few were chosen! Crusader Kings II is set for a release February 14th 2012, so pre-order it quick and ensure you get the free DLC, and if you haven't yet read our preview of this truely engaging strategy game, be sure to check out our tales of Fredriech I of the Holy Roman Empire.