Costume Quest returns in Grubbins on Ice

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice is all-new downloadable content for Costume Quest that is available now on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points, and will be available from December 22nd on Playstation Network for £3.19. With new costumes, characters and new adventures, gamers can return to the charming world of Costume Quest as the team encounter a new adventure.

Wren and Reynold are back with Lucy and Everett however it's not your twin in trouble this time, as Lucy gets sucked through a magic portal and is captured by the newly appointed monster leader; Araxia, who overthrew the monster elders. It's up to your pint-sized trio to travel to Repugia the land of the monsters to ally with their former enemies in order to save Lucy and restore peace to the monstrous realm.

Grubbins on Ice features new costumes with special abilities for your little characters to use including; a Pirate costume with a zip line ability allowing players to slide down wires using their hook hand. An Eyeball costume that has a zoom-out ability allowing players to see more of their environments, greatly for hunting down that last costume piece. Then there is the Yeti costume that has the ability to shield the entire party in battle. With the new costumes you'll also encounter a host of new characters, including a new boss, new monsters, and even more neighbours. All of this takes place in an all-new storyline and quests with the Double Fine stamp of approval!

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice is available now on Xbox Live Arcade, and will be available December 22nd on Playstation Network for 400 MS Points and £3.19 respectively. We can't wait to pick up where we left off with the gang, in the game that had us hooked last Halloween!