Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India out now!

Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India out now!

The time for you to step up to be the next Raja of India is now in Paradox Development Studio's critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II! The newest expansion in the series is out now alongside the latest major patch. Unaware of the expansion? Check out the launch trailer to see what's in store.

If you're not sure you can cut it as a Raja, then you should check out the live stream presentation from the developers at Paradox Development Studio tomorrow Wednesday 26th March at 7pm GMT to get all the tips and tricks at becoming a renowned ruler.

In Rajas of India you can begin to conquer in the name of India, raise war elephants and fight in jungle terrain, each religion has its strengths with Buddhists wishing to advance their technology, Jain hoping to keep their realm stable, or the warlike Hindu that would rather raid their neighbours.

The expansion of course brings a wealth of new cultural and religious events that revolve around the belief of reincarnation, karmic forces and appeasing the gods. It also comes with an extended map that reaches far to the east to include hundreds of new provinces in Central Asia as well as the ports of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean for your fleets.

Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India is available now from all good digital distribution sites for the SRP of £9.99