Rule as Nebuchadnezzar II on Steam

The first announcement for Sid Meier's Civilization V since their Extreme Diplomacy April Fool, 2K Games and Valve have officially announced that Steam will be offering a special Digital Deluxe Edition via Steam, and in addition, customers that pre-order either version of Civilization V on Steam will be rewarded with a free Mesopotamia map pack of the traditional Western and Middle Eastern "Cradle of Civilization" when the game launches this Autumn.

Civilization V players will enjoy the benefits of Steam through auto-updating, Steam achievements, downloadable content, multiplayer matchmaking and more. The Deluxe Edition will expand the standard game with the new Babylonian civilization and their ruler Nebuchadnezzar II, as well as an in-depth behind the scenes at Firaxis; Sid Meier’s development studio, as well as the new soundtrack that the game will feature.

If you can’t wait for Civilization V to hit Steam and Windows this Autumn, then you’re in luck, Steam have a massive sale on all previous Civilization titles for a limited time! You can pre-order the standard and Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization V on the Steam store for £29.99 and £39.99 respectively.