Check out the first footage of Cities in Motion 2!

Check out the first footage of Cities in Motion 2!

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have finally revealed the first footage of the upcoming transport simulator Cities in Motion 2, feast your eyes on its delectable beauty!

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>largest addition to the sequel is the introduction of dynamic cities that expand as your transit system grows, and depreciate based on the affordability and needs of your transit.

Expanding on the original, many fans will be thrilled with the inclusion of co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes, however I’m a bit more excited about the inclusion of player-managed timetabling, dedicated bus lanes and more vehicle and design options than ever before! Just think of the possibilities.

If you did not delve into Cities in Motion, its successor is following closely with the same award winning formula; giving players famous cities that are in dire need of efficient, effective and affordable public transportation systems that will need to be guided with the growth of the city, as well as efficiently maintained to stay up to date.

Cities in Motion 2 is scheduled for a release during Q2 of 2013 for Windows PC and Mac, we cannot wait to see more of it.