Roll on up to Circus World

Roll on up to Circus World

Excalibur Publishing have announced their very own Circus World; a title developed in-house that you may remember getting a mention back in June last year, well it's coming out pretty soon, and is the first in what is promised as a series of management sims for PC and Mac.

Like all good sim management titles in Circus World you take over a dilapidated circus and work towards transforming it into the sort of circus you'd take your mother to! By hiring staff and crafting performances you will be able to increase your reputation and income which will see your circus literally expand or allow you to tour it around four countries and visit 40 cities.

Circus World uses custom AI called the 'Appreciation Engine' that allows you to monitor your audience's reaction to your acts and shows. The Appreciation Engine is expressed through each spectator's custom animations, essentially bringing them to life.

Featuring over 30 types of performers and the ability to explore in first person, Circus World sounds very much like the circus themed equivalent of Zoo Tycoon, just with more clowns and less dinosaurs, and with the lack of circus themed games, Circus World is set to revolutionise the niche setting of the somewhat haunting circus.

Circus World is scheduled for a release September 2012. If like us you worship the ground that Excalibur Publishing walk on for all of the weird and wonderful games that they publish, be sure to check out this insightful interview with their managing director Robert Stallibrass.