Chime is about to get Super Deluxe awesome

Zoe Mode have announced that the incredibly addictive and brilliant Chime will be coming to the Playstation Network in the form of Chime Super Deluxe this Spring.
Chime is already available on the Xbox Live Arcade and PC, however, the exclusive Chime Super Deluxe will feature new music from a variety of artists in addition to Moby, Markus Schulz, Philip Glass, Paul Hartnoll and Fred Deakin, and will feature the largest roster of music available for the music-orientated puzzler. So Sony fans will not be getting second-best, instead they will make all their musically orientated friends jealous of their new and improved version of Chime.
New to Chime Deluxe is the brand new multiplayer game modes that increases the number of game grids, as well as a complete graphical and gameplay overhaul to make Chime Super Deluxe the most visually attraction and refined version of the game.
If you haven't heard of Chime before it is a unique and addictive block puzzle game that creates music whilst you create quads, every shape or quad that you create with blocks generates a musical note or phrase, as you gradually fill the level the song will build up in the background, every play is different as you create a unique remix every time. Think of it sort of like Lumines, but far more evolved.
A teaser has been released to coincide with the announcement of Chime Super Deluxe, unfortunately there is no footage of the new refined game that is promised.

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Chime Super Deluxe will be available sometime during this Spring where it will be released exclusively for Playstation Network, no pricing details have been confirmed as of yet.