Check out Wolfenstein: The New Order's E3 trailer

Check out Wolfenstein: The New Order's E3 trailer

To coincide with E3, Bethesda Software and MachineGames have released their first official trailer for the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The New Order is set in 1960 in an alternate "if the Nazi's won WWII" scenario. You play as B.J. Blazkowicz and you're tasked with the job to take out the Nazi's who have now taken over the world. Set as you'd imagine in Europe you have to infiltrate strongholds and take out the Nazi's that get in your way.

My only concern from the gameplay shown in the trailer is that I'm expecting a little less constant action and more narrative added to the mix because of the developers behind it, however of course action sells games these days. The live action segment of the trailer is possibly some of the cheesiest injections of Nazifying the past, however it's what I'd like to expect with the what if style scenario, so it gets my thumbs up.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is scheduled for release in the forth quarter of 2013 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and next generation consoles.