Save New York in Chainsaw Warrior on Android!

Save New York in Chainsaw Warrior on Android!

After successfully killing the Darkness in our review of Chainsaw Warrior, we feel fantastic! If you want to feel this level of satisfaction and fulfilment, perhaps you should try out Auroch Digital's release of the classic Games Workshop board game Chainsaw Warrior. The infamously difficult and single player experience is now out on Android Devices and sorts the men from the boys!

Announced a short while ago, we were one of the many excited to see a reappearance from the classic zombie fighting game that was pulled from the Games Workshop website a few years back, and better yet practically nothing has changed with the game -which is a good thing- so current gamers can get a taste of a truly difficult and slightly unfair game, and still go back for more!

If you're unfamiliar with the game, Chainsaw Warrior sees your lone cybernetic solider attempt to save New York from a dark army that has penetrated through to your world via a spatial rift. With only 60 minutes to save New York and a lot of creatures and traps in your way, the true challenge is to make your way through the game, and reach the mysterious Darkness before he destroys Manhattan.

Chainsaw Warrior is now out now on Android Devices via Google Play for £2.99, and is already available on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone for the same price, although we can't wait for the PC and Mac version. Either way its a darn sight cheaper than getting a copy of the original boardgame and you'll be sure that all the room cards are present!