Carmageddon returns on iOS and its free for the first 24 hours!

Carmageddon returns on iOS and its free for the first 24 hours!

Stainless Games have announced the release of Carmageddon for iOS devices, which fans were able to have a play of at the recent Eurogamer Expo in September. However if you didn't get to play it, you can buy it now, or get it for free if you're quick!

Unless you weren't born, old enough to remember or didn't pay attention to the news back in 1997 then you wouldn't have heard all the commotion surrounding Carmageddon. Due to the senseless violence in Carmageddon a media storm attached onto it like a leech for its comedic style violence, where you could watch people burst in a bloody mess as you ran over them, much more visceral than other games at the time.

The original Carmageddon and its sequels featured anarchic drive-wherever-you-like gameplay and over-the-top violence, this caused quite a bit of controversy with the government. Houses of Parliament, TV debates and chunks of newspapers covered the game on its humorous violent moments and they said it was an outrage.

Patrick Buckland, Stainless co-founder and CEO commented, "Carmageddon was originally banned in several countries, but it's now available in the Apple App Store worldwide rated 12+ - how times have changed!"

Alongisde their upcoming release; Carmageddon: Reincarnation, Stainless felt as a nice little way to bring in some extra money to fund it, that they should re-release a game that people grew up loving. And from the love of fans re-buying the game on iOS Stainless Games have stated that all the sales from Carmageddon will go towards Reincarnation.

Neil 'nobby' Barnden, co-founder and Executive Director added, "The gameplay has been improved over the original. And as well as recapturing the 'feel' of the original game's PC and Mac controls, we've been able to add intuitive gesture commands and choice of editable control methods."

As an extra thanks to all the fans who backed Reincarnation on Kickstarter, Carmageddon is currently available for free on the App Store for the first 24 hours after launch. After this period, it will go on sale at £1.49 as a special low price offer for a limited time. Carmageddon will also be re-launching soon on Android devices and should have a 2012/2013 release date.