Get ready to Bust-N-Rush

New up-and-coming independent game studios Techtonic Games have just released a dev diary for their forthcoming game; Bust-N-Rush a procedurally generated action game made in the Unity Engine.

Bust-N-Rush is an action packed, fast paced running game with procedurally generated levels in three dimensions for increased visibility, not to mention difficulty. As practically a living steamroller, you’ll need to Bust through stone and metal, and Rush through the levels at supersonic speeds, oh, and you’ll also have to Dodge spikes, lava and use special objects to flip gravity and thrust yourself through the air.

In their first development diary they explain how their procedurally generated levels work in general alongside the art assets, and how working in such a manner benefits such as small team.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>a variety of Challenge maps you can increase your skills of Bust-N-Rushing and graduate to the literal Endless Mode and compare your high scores with others to see who can last the longest and bust the hardest!

With no release date of yet, we're not sure when this PC/Mac title is due for release, however we'll be keeping an eye on it, expect to see a preview surfacing on the website soon!