Bust-n-Rush is out now!

We recently previewed Techtonic Games’ action packed Bust-n-Rush that offered high-speed challenges and endless levels thanks to procedurally generated assets in the Unity3D game engine. Well in a surprise turn, the game is now out, just in time for the holidays!

“Our goal with Bust-n-RushTM was to deliver an action-packed game that lets gamers jump into the fray and keep playing long after they’ve mastered the controls,” said Leif Dahl, Techtonic Games’ Producer and Art Director. ”We’re very excited to be releasing our first game utilizing the Unity3D game engine.”

The procedurally generated levels puts a new spin on the idea of the endless mode, and no half a dozen plays will ever be the same. You’ll be able to bust-it-out over 30 different challenges to help you get to grips with the mechanics of the game and get you fully prepared for endless mode.

On top of this there are three distinct worlds to bust through each with their own deadly traps and obstacles like bottomless pits, molten lava, meteors, and more.

Bust-n-Rush is available now from GamersGate for £5.99, and the game and soundtrack bundle can also be purchased for £7.50.