You can now pick up episodes 4-6 of the Blue Toad Murder Files for £5

Relentless Software have today announced that you’ll be able to pick up the last three episodes in the Blue Toad Murder Files series for a mere £4.99 on the Playstation Network on PS3. You can pick up episodes 4-6 for this crazily cheap price until the 27th of October, which gives you plenty of time to pick it up.

Andrew Eades, Executive Director at Relentless commented: "The detectives amongst you will have figured out that gamers can get the whole season for under £15! And everybody who has enjoyed episodes 1-3 can now complete the series and solve the mysteries in Little Riddle for a mere £4.99."

If you have not heard of Blue Toad Murder Files, where have you been? Set in the quintessentially English village of Little Riddle; murder is in the air, and as one of the famous Blue Toad Detectives you must solve puzzles, interrogate suspects and use your powers of observation to uncover the strange goings on in this quaint village. The series could possibly be compared to the extremely popular Professor Layton, except Blue Toad has one very unique characteristic; it is stereotypically British, and we love it!

Gamercast are huge fans of the Blue Toad Murder files series, and we urge anyone who left the games at episode 3 to pick up this bundle of 4-6 so the story can come to a conclusion and you can see who the brains behind the whole scandal is. If you're still not convinced on spending £5 check out our review to see if it can persuade you.

A word of advice though, if you don't already own episode 1 of the Blue Toad Murder Files you will need to purchase it to play the final three, so if you're new to the game, why not pick up all six episodes of the game for £17.99.