Where will you stand?

It may be over, but this fall, NBC Universal and Bigpoint Games are launching Battlestar Galactica Online, a massively multiplayer browser-based game set in the universe of the Twelve Colonies, focusing around tactical space combat, while keeping the dramatic storylines inherent to the award-winning sci-fi series.

Bigpoint are the developers of the largely successful browser based sci-fi MMORPG DarkOrbit, that houses 30 million players, with such a great game already under their belt, it’s no surprise they were optioned to create a BSG title. Utilising the Unity engine which is becoming an indispensable tool for browser-based games as it allows for high-quality 3D graphics in all modern browsers, with short load times and a very minimal plug-in download.

As you would imagine, players are not limited to fighting as humans, there will be the option to fight as Cylons. Whether this will be Cylons in their true form or disguised this is not yet clear.