Broken Age's VGX announcement

Broken Age's VGX announcement

Tim Schafer appeared during the VGXs as well to give us some Broken Age news, it was already a given that they would be there to announce something as they had made sure that everyone would know by informing all the backers via Kickstarter about it.

Well their announcement wasn’t a release date sadly, but they did announce who will be the voice of Shay along with show us a live demo of the game which was a nice breath of fresh air with its lovely art style and gorgeous animations.

The announcement of the voice of Shay had its own video to show off that the boy in the story would be voiced by Elijah Wood, who of course springs to mind as a very expensive voice actor. However we’d like to think as he was interested in the game that he hasn’t taken a massive chunk out of their budget and has instead helped out because of his interest in the game.

Broken Age is set to have its first part released in January 2014 as long as it doesn’t slip anymore.