The crowd goes wild as Blood Bowl attempts a Legendary touchdown

Gamercast is pleased to announce the next game in the Blood Bowl franchise, in development by the original developer Cyanide and to be published by Focus Home Interactive, they are now teaming together to bring us Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. In the previous incarnation players could play as one of eight races Humans, Dwarves and Dark Elves to name a few, Legendary Edition will bring in another twelve races into the old world sport, bringing the total number of races to twenty.

Some of the new races that have been announced so far are Undead, Amazons and Ogres, giving players a lot more scope and delivering a lot more than the original game. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the models for the undead are going to look like.

Along with the new races there will also be new stadiums, something that was lacking from the previous game, the only two hinted at so far are a snowy Norse stadium and an Undead Crypt.

Players will now be able to take on the role of a coach for one or maybe even more of the teams, the story is expected to include the chance to lead legendary teams (personally I’m expecting at least the Riekland Reavers and Orcland Raiders) To accompany this new mode is a new tutorial that will teach budding coaches all the skills they will need to know in order to take on the well established teams.

The story mode will offer coaches challenges that will reveal the history and story that surround Blood Bowl; the world it is set in and the illustrious teams that grace the stadiums of the Old World.

The game rules are based on the current version of the living rulebook, which describes the rules for the official Blood Bowl tabletop tournaments. Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is expected in the fourth quarter of 2010 exclusively on PC, Gamercast can’t wait to score the first touchdown of the new season.