Return to the season in Blood Bowl 2!

Return to the season in Blood Bowl 2!

Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive have officially announced a return to the season of Blood Bowl 2 with a short teaser trailer.

As you can see from the video, the legendary commentators Jim Johnson the Vampire and Bob Bifford the Ogre are making a return with not only brand new models, but a far more important role than ever before! Blood Bowl 2 is becoming the true sports game that it always wanted to be! Jim and Bob will be ever-present in their Cabalvision studio that makes up the main interface for the game where the two will guide the player, comment on their decisions and interview key players during the campaign mode alongside their wild commentaries during matches.

Blood Bowl is the Games Workshop boardgame that places American football into a fantasy universe inspired by Warhammer, and has made for quite a few videogame adaptations. Like all good table-top games, Blood Bowl is a turn-based strategy full of blood, death and sweet, sweet victory.

Blood Bowl 2 does not currently have a release date or platform details, but keep your eyes peeled for more news soon!