Blackwell series available on Steam

Indie developer Wadjet Eye Games' long-running Blackwell adventure game series is now available on Steam! Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence and Blackwell Deception can all be purchased individually or in the £14.99 bundle.

The Blackwell adventure games star Rosa Blackwell, an antisocial writer and reluctant spirit medium with Joey Mallone; a jazz-era ghost tethered to Rosa by a family legacy. The unlikely team investigate suspicious deaths on the streets of modern day New York City.

What is best about the series is that each game has its own complete story with an overarching plot that spans all four games, so if you get stuck in one game you can jump to the next without fear of not knowing what you are doing, but played back-to-back the player can gain a richer understanding of the Blackwell family legacy, and how the stories intertwine.

The Blackwell series is a modern adventure but with a retro feel; featuring mature interactive storytelling, professional voice acting and original soundtracks, they also feature pixel art graphics reminiscent of the classic Lucas Arts and Sierra point-and-clicks.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>xclusive to Steam, each Blackwell game has achievements and optional developer commentary tracks as well as Steam cloud save support.

The Blackwell series is available to buy now on Steam, act now and pick up the bundle for a great week of adventure gaming! As a bonus, through til January 20th, Steam is offering 25% off the bundle taking it down to £11.24 for four games!