New Suda 51 game Black Knight Sword announced

Well Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture did state when they announced Sine Mora that more games were to be announced in the future, and they haven’t disappointed with the latest game to come from their partnership with Black Knight Sword.

Whilst little details have emerged on this game it is a modern and interactive interpretation of a dark fantasy fairy tale from the mind of Suda 51. A kingdom under the tyrannical rule of an evil Princess, its that old story, a kingdom in trouble, who will save them from their own ruler. This is where you step up as the Black Knight; you will be led by the sword fairy through a world of eye-catching environments and curious creatures to stop the cause of the nightmarish tragedy that has befallen your kingdom, and in impeccable style too.

A side scrolling platformer of sorts, Black Knight Sword takes us back to the old days where games were simple and entertaining, and promises to deliver an experience that is both familiar and fresh.

The game is told through an interactive Kamishibai paper drama much like a pop-up book, and its visual style is inspired by Eastern European animation with its whimsical hand-drawn puppet theatre environment. Whilst the teaser only teases at what the game could be, it’s unique and imaginative transportation to the theatre through sound design and visual style ensures that it will not get lost in the crowd.

Coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this Winter, it’s unique style may just be a gimmick, but it’s one that has already won me over!

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