Willem Dafoe and a release date announced for BEYOND: Two Souls

Willem Dafoe and a release date announced for BEYOND: Two Souls

As much as some scoff, there’s few out there that don’t enjoy the rich story of a Quantic Dream title, well if it contains all three acts! Their latest game BEYOND: Two Souls that was unveiled at E3 last year has had a couple of new videos released for it, detailing a certain actor who is starring alongside Ellen Page in the highly anticipated psychological action thriller.

BEYOND tells the story of Jodie, a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to an invisible entity whom she calls Aiden. In BEYOND you play through 15 years of Jodie’s story in what promises to be more thrilling and emotional experience than Heavy Rain.

Now not only do they announce that Willem Dafoe joins Ellen Page, but Quantic Dream have also specified a month of release, and that the game will be seeing release on the Playstation 3. Willem Dafoe’s character is Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyse her powers, and their compelling bond is set to deliver some powerful scenes.

One rather troubling point that many will undoubtedly pick up on, is that BEYOND is no longer looking as beautiful as it once did at E3 last year, and the sheer graphical quality appears to have stepped down a peg. Regardless we cannot wait to see where they take the story, and the winding journey that leads to its end.

If you’re abit of a Willem Dafoe fan —and to be fair, who isn’t- there’s also an interview with him on his role in the game.

BEYOND: Two Souls is scheduled for a release during October 2013 on the Playstation 3, so expect to see much more news and videos on it in the coming months!