Wanna see the contents of the Back to the Future: The Game Deluxe Edition?

Back in August we announced Telltale’s Back to the Future: The Game Deluxe Edition. Well we ordered it, because we love Collector’s Editions at Gamercast; especially when they are limited in number!.

It came through our door just the other day, so if you are still interested in venturing into the series, here’s an unboxing to show you exactly what you get in the pack.

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>The box that the Deluxe Edition comes in is fantastic, and the portrait book, and sketches are charming, the only real disappointment with the pack is the Flux Capacitor diagram.

Whilst it may not be as fancy as some Collector’s Editions, and it isn’t full to the brim with extras, this quaint and intricate Deluxe Edition is a fantastic addition for an adventure game or Back to the Future fan’s collection.

The Back to the Future: The Game Deluxe Edition is available now for $44.99 from the Telltale Store until they run out of the 2,500 product run.