Awesomenauts will be coming to a console near you...soon!

We’re very happy to let all our readers know that Ronimo Game’s upcoming game has now been given a slightly more confirmed release date of February 2012, and that game is of course Awesomenauts.

To accompany the choice of the move of the release date, from a speculative December release to a slightly later February, Jasper Koning, co-founder and game designer at Ronimo Games has commented on the matter.

“Though we understand that fans may initially feel disappointed that the game will not be released before the end of the year, we will make sure to use the extra time available to us to polish Awesomenauts even further,”

Awesomenauts for anyone unaware is a 2D side scrolling MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), if you haven't played a MOBA before, they're based around the premise of DotA a Warcraft 3 mod made back in 2003. Awesomenauts is set to be one of the first true MOBA’s for consoles and we were lucky enough to have a preview of it back at E3 and Eurogamer and really enjoyed what we played.

We’re more than happy to wait an extra few months for a more polished game, for its release in February, Awesomenauts is due to be released on XBLA and PSN and has been speculated at being sold at a 800 MS Points price tag.

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In the meantime the developers have popped up a lovely long 22 minute video showing a full match with commentary from Robin & Oliver two members of the Ronimo Games development team.