BBQ and a Quiz, sounds good to me!

Everyone is a fan of quiz games, and BBQ Games recently caught our eye at Gamercast for their soon-to-be-released title; Avatar Quizcall. Boasting over 1000 questions, 4-player support, online high score tables and avatar support, who needs 1vs100! Releasing at the cost of 80 Microsoft Points, Gamercast will definitely be picking up this cheap title so Paul will be able to prove how cleverer he is than the rest of the crew.

Their first game available for download now, is Spiders! Why did it have to be Spiders?! Obviously playing on the similar Indiana Jones quote, Spiders is in a similar vein to most top-down shooters available on the Marketplace, except for the inclusion of spiders, and for any haters of spiders, you can buy this cathartic shooter also for 80 Microsoft points.

BBQ Games are a new developer to the Xbox Live Indie scene, dedicated to delivering quality games at affordable prices.