Avatar QuizCall Review

We got the Gamercast team all down on the sofa to try out BBQ Games’ newest addition to their library; Avatar QuizCall, which boasts over 1000 questions; we haven’t had one repeat yet! 4-player support; so four of the crew could play together — sorry Adam, online high score tables; so Paul can beat everyone and avatar support; which every game should have. To top it off the game is available for a paltry 80 Microsoft Points, so like we said we would previously, we picked the title up; it definitely has its good and bad points, but when you are looking for a quiz game, what exactly do you expect it to do?

Some people might consider the single music track the game contains as annoying, I do so hope that they don’t change it in their update it’s that sort of like elevator music; quiet and jazzy, but only repetitive in the way you end up singing it for the rest of the day, sort of like the soundtrack for this, at least it’s a far sight better than listening to Jason Donovan natter on about nothing in particular. In fact the only issue I did have with the music was that the pre-set configurations on the audio were all wrong, and the music was set to far too loud by default, dwarfing the announcer’s voice.

As a quiz game, Avatar QuizCall definitely works, however it would have been nice to perhaps have a few picture questions, maybe a few more science questions as well; we were not entirely sure of what to make of the joke questions, but thankfully we found no obscure questions like 1vs100 was full of, there was a good balance of general knowledge questions, as well as some more difficult ones.

The only real issues that I did have with the game was the way that it showed players the correct answer, which was not very apparent, and perhaps needed to be a bit bigger, something aesthetically just didn’t seem right about this, also, Gamercast is full of those who are visually challenged, and so the only other real niggle that I had with the game was the avatar select screen, which granted I imagine was the actual size of the avatar pictures, but the text was rather small on the screen, and a little difficult to read.
On a whole, the game is enjoyable, it keeps in the general feel of a quiz show, and the advertisements showing off BBQ Games’ current and future games is inspired! We see that a Maths Edition is on the way; perhaps if we’re lucky they will make a video game edition!

Avatar QuizCall is a solid game and deserves 3/5, it has questions; you answer them correctly you get points, you answer them incorrectly you get booed, relatively speaking it doesn’t need to do much else, at which point it excels, QuizCall means well, but until it sorts out some of its issues, it won’t be a perfect quiz game.