Announcing The Legend of Zelda!

Announcing The Legend of Zelda!

Thanks to Nintendo and their recent Nintendo Direct presentation fans worldwide have been given something that most have only dreamed about, and that is a new game in the Link to the Past world of Zelda.

Not really described as a sequel to Link to the Past or given a spot within the Zelda timeline during the presentation, all Nintendo have referred to it as is The Legend of Zelda (working title). However they confirmed its inclusion within the world we all love from A Link to the Past. However they're revamping the look by keeping a similar 2 dimensional view of the game teamed with 3D graphics for everything within the environment along with some new added flair in game mechanics.

For the first time in a Zelda game Link will be able to move around within the environment as a standard but also turn to a flat stylised Link that can then move across flat walls, finding new ways to explore locations. While also turning the game into a 3D environment, allowing you to see things that maybe weren't as clear when playing as the top down Link.

The Legend of Zelda currently has no confirmed release date and will be available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, and they promise more details to be revealed shortly, perhaps it will make an appearance at E3 in June as well.