Announcing Swery65's new game D4

Announcing Swery65's new game D4

To prove that Microsoft isn't all about explosions, Call of Duty and Halo there were a few surprise titles to hit the Microsoft Media Briefing. One of which excited us all instantly, and that is the announcement of D4, Swery65's new game.

If you don't know of Swery65 then you may wish to check out one of his previous games; Deadly Premonition. It's a bit of a Marmite game (love or hate it for those outside of the UK) and who knows what D4 will bring along to the table with it's only description of an Episodic Murder Mystery, it's got us mystified.

We don't believe the game is linked to Kenji Eno's series, however we can't wait to find out more about D4.

D4 currently has no release date, but as a Microsoft Studios collaboration we can't wait for this Xbox One exclusive.