A Special 3DS XL for Animal Crossing New Leaf

A Special 3DS XL for Animal Crossing New Leaf

Earlier on today Nintendo presented a new Nintendo Direct stream which was promised to be Nintendo 3DS themed, and it proved to be one of the best streams to date, at least for me anyway.

Europe was finally given a release date for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusive Animal Crossing New Leaf, which has been out in Japan since November last year, so luckily we haven't had to wait too long over here.

Alongside the release of New Leaf, Nintendo have promised us the Limited Edition Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS XL which was released with the game in Japan stopping us from missing out on this beautiful little handheld. If you have waited up until now to buy a Nintendo 3DS or an XL version maybe this is the edition for you! It comes with a copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf pre-loaded onto the SD card that comes with the console. So sadly no boxed copy, but can you say no to this lovely handheld?

Animal Crossing New Leaf is set for release on June 14th in Europe exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. The special New Leaf 3DS XL will presumably launch for £189.99 based on the launch price for the Fire Emblem bundle.