You can now buy American McGee's Grimm again!

You can now buy American McGee's Grimm again!

Thanks to American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse Games you are now able to buy American McGee's Grimm straight from it's creators.

In Grimm you control a dwarf aptly named Grimm who's decision in life is to turn all the innocent fairy tales into a darker version to what you may be used to, but then the brothers Grimm's original fairy tales were a little on the dark side too. Grimm is able to spread darkness by using an array of moves that can wipe out all that is good and innocent. Grimm is just what you'd expect from an American McGee and Spicy Horse game, twisting what we're used to, while also having an enjoyable play around at the same time.

Previously only available through GameTap or a Russian retail release that floats about on ebay you can now finally buy the whole series again and at a pretty cheap price. I only ever managed to play the first episode because of GameTap restrictions back when it was released so I can't wait to go through all 23!

You can purchase all 23 episodes from the Spicy World website for a shocking $1.30 per episode, or in volumes of eight (or seven if it's volume three) for $8 each saving you $2.40 or you can buy all 23 episodes for only $20 saving you $9.90 compared to buying them individually.