Akai Katana has a release date!

Akai Katana has a release date!

After the announcement of Rising Star Games' release of Akai Katana back in November last year we couldn't wait for its release. Well after a long wait they've announced a date which is just around the corner. Next week you can look forward to another Cave shooter and some insane bullet-hell to keep you on the tip of your toes while you try your best to stop your pixels of health from getting shot.

As an arcade port you will be able to play the original arcade version even in its original 4:3 screen size. Or if you're a sucker for pretty you can play it in the spiced up HD mode.

"Cave are world renowned for creating the biggest and best arcade shooters around, and we're delighted to add Akai katana to that list, come May 11," commented Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. "No other arcade shooter offers the same explosive entertainment and wanton destruction as Akai Katana, and we can’t wait to let this lose on the public."

To try and entice new players to the genre Rising Star Games are currently creating a series of video tutorials to try and get you in the know of how to dodge those bullets and get to the top of the leaderboards. They won't be available till May 7th, but when they are you'll be able to find them on the Akai Katana website.

Akai Kanata will be out exclusively on Xbox 360 on May 11th and it currently has a retail price of £24.95.