Are you prepared to enter the Afterfall Dirty Arena?

Are you prepared to enter the Afterfall Dirty Arena?

With only four days til release Afterfall has a new addition coming its way in Afterfall Dirty Arena; a post-apocalyptic version of the survival mode, as if a limited number of mutated loonies running at you were not enough in the main story, developers Intoxicate Studios are allowing fans to survive wave upon wave of enemies with the allure of achievements.

Encounters in the new mode consist of small waves and mini-boss fights, with additional DLC containing tougher challenges with bigger, badder boss fights. Because no one is made of steel, between battles players can purchase weapons and ammunition using currency earned in the heat of battle in the arenas.

Featuring six different encounters, six mini-bosses and 3 scary boss fights the Dirty Arena poses a challenge like never before with the inclusion of no health regeneration, and a heavy reliance on environmental elements to be used to your advantage.

Afterfall Dirty Arena is scheduled for a release February 22nd 2013 on Windows PC.