Announcing the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition

Announcing the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition

Fans of Aliens: Colonial Marines will of course have to wait until February 12th for the release of Gearbox's foray into the Alien universe, however SEGA have announced a little piece of news to make the wait less painful for fans out there. That's because the originally rumored Colonial Marines Collector's edition is a real thing!

Within this very fancy collector's edition is the following:

  • Resin Powerloader figurine
  • Limited edition of Aliens: Colonial Marines including: Four characters from Aliens; Hudson, Hicks, Drake and Apone, additional Marines character customisation options and Ripley's Flamethrower
  • Exclusive Muliplayer weapons including: Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers, Phase Plasma Rifle
  • Exclusive Game Level: The USCM Academy Firing Range
  • USCM Dossier including:
    Mission Brief
    USS Sephora Schematic
    Recruitment Card
    LV-426 Recon
    USCM Iron-on Badges
    USCM Graduation Certificate

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for release on February 12th next year for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, currently the Collector's Edition has only been announced for an American release with a price of $99.

Hopefully details of a European release will emerge shortly as it's a pretty cool item to have in your collection for Aliens fans.