A Topsy Turvy Life

Tecmo Koei Europe have decided to go where no other publisher has been before, and introduces two new DSiWare titles that invert the way you would usually interact with your Nintendo DSi; by simply using the touch screen at the top rather than the bottom. Tecmo will launch the first two titles in its “A Topsy Turvy Life” series this Spring.

The Turvys Strike Back throws the standard scrolling shooter on its head! It is your responsibility to stop the evil Earth men from trying to save their planet from your conquering. Send in waves of Imperial Armada forces to wipe the humans out, from a perspective of the battle not usually seen.

Turvy Drops is a block-filling game with a difference, you control which blocks appear! Turn your DSi upside down, and draw the blocks to fill the gaps below, requiring a steady hand, and an eye for detail Turvy Drops sounds to be a great twist on such a classic mechanic.

These two titles sound like they are going to provide a great spin on two classic genres, there currently are no screenshots, but Gamercast will follow the Topsy Turvy Life series to release, because our interests are peaked!