A Sirius game for Sirius people

It isn't just Excalibur Publishing that publish games for a niche audience, relatively new studio Over Cloud 9 are a small company that cater to a niche genre of RPGs, and their second game; A Sirius Game has just been released for PC.

A Sirius Game transports you to a beautiful medieval world full of ships, pirates and adventure all in 3D.

When a particularly bratty kid Sirius is thrown out of his house by his father, you must take him to the high seas with his battle ship to take revenge on the disgrace to his name.

However it won't be long before he realises that he must put away his pride and perform tasks such as escorting merchant ships safely to port, trade and fight off magical creatures, the question is will this turn around in his life, succeed in teaching him a lesson?

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>ius Game is an action-adventure with RPG elements, full of quirky humour, lots of side quests, and more importantly, pirates! Like any great ship based game you will have a varied arsenal at your fingertips including 32 powerful cannons and ammo types, and a host of ships upgrades and trade items across four vast zones.

Better yet, if you think you can steer like the best of them your ship expertise will be put to the test with 10 challenging trophies to unlock! A Sirius Game is available now for PC. A strategy guide is also available on the Over Cloud 9 website.