Do you want to know how to beat Rayman: Origins?

Ubisoft have released yet another trailer for the highly anticipated Rayman: Origins with ‘10 ways to beat the game’, showing off the various collectables and obstacles you’ll be up against when the game is released at the end of this week.

We recently posted up Rayman’s 10 ways to die, and missed out on the 10 ways to travel trailer, so we’ve added it onto this post, just so those interested can see how fast paced, and smooth Rayman: Origins is; if you like your platforms fluid and speedy like Sonic used to be, it’s time to invest some time with France’s veritable mascot.

If you are intrigued by the quirky music, the beautifully animated characters, and the fantastically colourful environments, you can download a demo of Rayman Origins now from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and the Playstation Network containing 3 levels to get you into the flow and up-to-speed with the perfectionist gameplay that the game is all about!

Rayman: Origins is out this Friday; November 25th and is available on a host of platforms including Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. It was one of our favourite games at E3 2011, and is looking to be the defining Rayman experience for years to come, so don’t delay and pick it up this Christmas for some fantastic co-operative platforming.