Meet the cast of Blackguards
Daedalic Entertainment decided its about time we all properly meet the sinister cast of their upcoming turn-based RPG Blackguards. more »
Watch Train Simulator 2014 behind the scenes!
The folks at have unveiled a new behind the scenes trailer for their upcoming Train Simulator 2014, featuring some elaboration on some of the tasty new features coming to the beloved simulator. more »
Catch the trading system of Rise of Venice in the new trailer
I love a good trading sim, so games like Rise of Venice get me really excited, and why not? Not only do you have the backdrop of Renaissance era Europe, but as a young merchant of Venice you've got the trading empire of Genoa to compete against. more »
Join The Academy in the new Tropico 4 DLC
You'd think that with the hotly anticipated Tropico 5 on the horizon that DLC would be a thing of the past for the much loved Tropico 4; well you'd be wrong! more »
Thaumaturge class DLC coming soon to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
A new DLC pack has been announced for the acclaimed action RPG the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing; the Thaumaturge class pack. more »
Crimes and Punishments announced for PS4!
Back at E3 Frogwares had stated that they would be looking for a next generation release for their upcoming Sherlock Holmes adventure Crimes & Punishments, and the studio have just announced today that the game will be seeing a release on the PS4! more »
Excited yet for The Evil Within? You will be when you watch the TGS trailer
If you're a bit of a purist when it comes to Survival Horror it's difficult to find a good console game these days, however the godfather of it all; Shinji Mikami is out to change that, and we really hope he does in The Evil Within. more »
We must kill them. We must incinerate them in our preview of Air Conflicts: Vietnam
When it comes to conflict, you?ll find more than a fair share of games based on historical wars, more often than not they?ll focus on either of the two World Wars. more »
Manage your club to glory in our review of Football Director
When it comes to management games many may remember the good old days of interactive spreadsheets, years down the line, sports managers have gotten pretty complex, and no more are your screens filled with just numbers and stats, but they lay host to foo… more »
Check out Bound by Flame's fantastic new teaser trailer
Focus Home Interactive and the developers at Spiders have unveiled a brilliant new teaser trailer for their upcoming RPG Bound by Flame, we think you may just want to check it out! more »
Steam Family Sharing enters beta next week
Valve have announced their new Family Sharing system. Entering beta next week, it will allow friends or family to share Steam games, players will have their own achievements and save games. Here's the FAQ: I want to try this! How can I join the Fam… more »
Get an overview of Final Exam in the new trailer
It may have had a little setback in its launch, but Final Exam is almost ready to be taken on; and the developers at Mighty Rocket Studio have just released a new trailer showing off a little more of the game. more »
Check out this beautiful Child of Light trailer
Today Ubisoft announced some details on their upcoming game Child of Light, a digital only JRPG-inspired game that will be released at some stage during 2014… more »
It's the end of the line in U55 unless you back it now!
U55 ? End of the line is a new first-person horror-adventure game in the works for PC and next generation consoles. So what?s the catch? Why is this game so much better than what is already on offer? more »
Enter the age of exploration in our review of Europa Universalis IV
Trade, Warfare, Colonisation and Diplomacy are your aims in a game of Europa Universalis IV; a beloved long running series of grand strategy that puts you in charge of the decisions of a nation. more »
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs review: The pigs have won tonight
I've had Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra in my Steam account for quite some time now… more »
Rise of Venice has gone gold
Publishers Kalypso Media have announced that their upcoming trading/political simulation from the developers of Patrician and Port Royale; Rise of Venice has gone gold for its release on Windows PC. more »
Check out 10 minutes of the activities available in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
The upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag that really does show off the pirate's life, in a brand new 10 minute open world demo showing off the locations and activities on hand. more »
Dragon Eternity is now playable on even more platforms!
Yesterday the 5 million player strong Dragon Eternity was released on iPhone, Android and Facebook, adding even more platforms for you to play the game on which was previously only available on iPad and through a web browser… more »
Get ready for a scare in Outlast's launch trailer!
So the summer may have gone, but it's made way for a scare-filled autumn, and come Halloween gamers will be spoilt for choice on what to play, however a clear choice aboard Steam is Outlast from Red Barrels. more »
Do you know who the Raven is in our review of The Raven - Ancestry of Lies
This is it, the moment we've been waiting for, the true unveiling of the infamous Raven, was it who you've been suspecting, or were you caught out by a red herring? Don't worry, we won't be unveiling him to you. more »
Are you ready to Go East in Euro Truck Simulator 2?
Excalibur Publishing have announced that they will be bringing the first official expansion for the beloved Euro Truck Simulator 2 to retailers! The Go East expansion adds onto the original Euro Truck Simulator 2 experience more »