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What fans really want is a game that offers something different, which many 4X strategies just aren't doing, Stardrive hopes to offer that difference. more »
Return to Aventuria in our preview of Memoria
Daedalic Entertainment's newest adventure in the world of The Dark Eye is Memoria, and whilst not officially a sequel, it follows our unlikely hero Geron the bird catcher on his search to find a magician who can return Nuridarinellavanda more »
Make way for Train Simulator 2014
RailSimulator have announced that the best-selling Train Simulator series will return this September for their latest outing Train Simulator 2014. more »
Keep the bug spray at bay for Journey of a Roach
Here at the Gamercast team we love creepy crawlies whether they have one leg or many we love the little things and it excites us that Daedalic see the potential… more »
Want to play as your dynasty from CKII in Europa Universalis IV? Best pre-order it then!
Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have announced the final pre-order reward for gamers looking forward to the upcoming empire-building Europa Universalis IV, and by Jove are you going to want to pre-order it now! more »
A happy hello to you in our review of City Bus Simulator New York
If there's one subgenre of simulator that garners fans worldwide its the Bus Simulator, however surprisingly there's only a few developers that bother with the quaint public transportation. more »
Website launched for Rise of Venice
Kalypso Media have unveiled a new website alongside new images for their upcoming strategy trading simulation Rise of Venice. more »
Want to get stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place in the new Alien Spidy DLC?
So the ironically named Easy Breezy DLC clearly wasn't enough because Kalypso Media Digital Ltd and Enigma Software have released another new DLC pack more »
Pre-order Space Hulk on Steam for exclusive limited DLC
Full Control have announced that their highly anticipated Space Hulk is due for a release much sooner than you thought, and it is available for pre-order on Steam now! more »
Did you miss Hail to the Chief week for Saints Row IV?
You may not be aware but last week was Saints Row IV: Hail to the Chief week... what does that mean? Trailers. more »
Can you break the Voodoo curse in Tropico 4?
El Presidente is alive and well, and Tropic fans have a reason to rejoice, Kalypso Media have announced a brand new DLC pack more »
Mars War Logs is finally out on the Xbox Live Arcade
After seeing a release back in April, the console version of Spiders Studios' Mars War Logs is finally seeing a release, and is available on the Xbox Live Arcade right this second! more »
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My dynasty lays in waste for I have found a new love with Trade, Warfare, Colonisation and Diplomacy in Paradox Development Studio's Europa Universalis IV. more »
Examine Europa Universalis IV's Warfare in a new dev diary
Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have released a new developer diary for their upcoming empire-building game Europa Universalis IV. more »
Release window dated for Demonicon
Kalypso Media have announced an updated release schedule for their upcoming action-RPG The Dark Eye - Demonicon that will be coming to consoles early 2014 and PC later this year. more »
Outlast is set to scare this September!
Red Barrels have announced that their upcoming survival horror experience Outlast will be coming to your PC much sooner than you'd hope, which means scares all round just in time for Halloween! more »
Aarklash: Legacy's combat is unveiled in the first gameplay footage
Cyanide Studio have unveiled the first gameplay footage of their upcoming strategy game Aarklash: Legacy. more »
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Daedalic Entertainment have released the first in a series of developer diaries to give an insight into their beautiful upcoming fantasy point and click adventure game Memoria. more »
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Rescue 2013 is a new top-down emergency services management simulator; think theme hospital meets Age of Empires. It strikes an alarming similarity to the Emergency series more »
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The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief is a whodunit style story set across three chapters, in the first chapter The Eye of the Sphinx you will control Constable Zellner more »
Are you ready to save New York in Chainsaw Warrior?
That name sounds familiar, think back! Remember the 80s single player board game that was so challenging you'd die '10 minutes' in, well its going digital! more »
We enjoy a great murder mystery the way they used to be in our preview of The Raven
If you're a child of the late eighties like me you may have grown up watching great eccentric murder mysteries on the TV, unique characters like Columbo, Poirot and Jonathan Creek. more »