Xbox One licensing benefits and restrictions
Microsoft have announced the specific details of how DRM on their new platform will handle game licenses, and it is not as bad as people feared, in fact its pretty damn good, we take a look at how it compares to Steam further down the page. Buy t… more »
Rise of Venice announced
Kalypso Media have unveiled a new strategy trading simulation Rise of Venice that transports players to the Renaissance era when Venice was at its peak of power. more »
Halo: Spartan Assault announced
Halo 5? Not quite but we've got word on a new Halo game coming out for Windows and Windows Phone, Halo: Spartan Assault. Available next month, Spartan Assault brings Halo's amazing story-telling, graphics and audio to touch-enabled devices for the firs… more »
Release date announced for Europa Universalis IV
The time to lead a global empire is almost here! Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have announced the release date for the empire-building game Europa Universalis IV! more »
Enjoy the Scenario DLC for free in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing!
It only came out a few days ago, but indie developers NeocoreGames have already released a new free DLC content pack for those already enjoying the game. more »
Take a look at the three factions in Dogs of War Online
Cyanide Studio have released the first 3D renderings of the three factions available in their upcoming free-to-play multiplayer game Dogs of War Online. Inspired by Rackham?s Confrontation, you may have a bit of an inkling on the factions. more »
Experience an endearing tale in The Night of the Rabbit out now!
Daedalic Entertainment are proud to announce that their endearing childlike tale of magic and dreams is out now on Windows PC through most digital distribution sites. What do you mean you've not heard of it? more »
Step out of that sun and enter the shadowy world of DARK this summer!
Kalypso Media have confirmed a release date for the upcoming vampire-stealth-action DARK from Realmforge Studios. more »
Pillage, loot and plunder in Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods out now
Finally your medieval dramas can be expanded a whole 200 years with the new Crusader Kings II DLC; The Old Gods, because its out now... what are you waiting for, go get it and expand your empire more »
Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition announced
Deep Silver have announced the Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition, don't get your hopes up though, for now everythings a bit digital, and there's no sign of a physical collector's edition as such yet. more »
Jagged Alliance will return in Jagged Alliance: Flashback!
They did it! Jagged Alliance will be back in action in Full Control's reset of the series Jagged Alliance: Flashback, the developers achieved their 30 day Kickstarter campaign with 105% of the funding goal. more »
Contrast is coming to consoles this year!
Focus Home have announced their partnership to publish an upcoming indie game which looks stunning. more »
Joe Danger is coming to PC
Wonderful news everyone! Joe Danger is making it's way to PC. more »
Want a Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition? Well you can't get one just yet!
Everyone was waiting for the announcement, and Rockstar look set to deliver with their Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition! more »
Omerta - City of Gangsters gets a free overhaul!
Kalypso Media have announced a free gameplay update for its gangster strategy Omerta - City of Gangsters that will overhaul. more »
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is out now
NeocoreGames The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is out now! That's right, get your ass over to steam and get yourself a copy! more »
Thief is coming out on Xbox One
Following on from the Xbox One announcement yesterday a few developers have now stepped forwards and announced their support for the console. One of those developers is Eidos Montreal who have announced that Thief will be released for Xbox One. "The… more »
Theres More Ways to Win in the new Dollar Dash DLC!
Kalypso Media and Candy Gun Games's Dollar Dash has just received a new DLC pack with 'More Ways to Win' the pack is available now for Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Windows PC and introduces a new game mode, and more content. more »
Dungeonland just got dangerous-er in the new Infinite Dungeon mode
Paradox Interactive have released a new content update for Dungeonland; the most difficult, challenging co-operative action game from Critical Studio, basically, if you aren't playing it, it's because you're just not good enough! more »
Announcing the Xbox One
We've all known about Microsoft revealing something new for some time now. Well finally Microsoft have announced their new console the Xbox One. The run down as we were previously told by Major Nelson and other news sites was primarily to show off th… more »
Xbox One Questions and Answers
Now the Xbox One has been announced, there's a few questions left unfinished, especially surrounding internet requirements and the secondhand market. Q: Does Xbox One require an ?always on? Internet connection? A: No, it does not have to be always… more »
Help with the final push on Jagged Alliance: Flashback!
With less than 50 hours to go, developers Full Control need your help more than ever for the final push of the Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter campaign. more »