Everyone's loveable Indiana Jones wannabe is back and Nathan Drake is off to the heart of the Arabian Desert in his latest expedition. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is being made exclusively for Playstation 3 by the great folk at Naughty Dog who as… more »
This week: News (0:34): Edna and Harvey Dead Space 2 Amazon.co.uk DanceDanceRevolution Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Mass Effect 3 Batman: Arkham City Tomb Raider Catherine Deus Ex Human Revolution Oddboxx Hacker Evolution Collection Mor… more »
Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice is all-new downloadable content for Costume Quest that is available now on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points, and will be available from December 22nd on Playstation Network for 3.19. With new costumes, characters… more »
World of Warcraft is exceedingly good at what it does and no matter what you say, you will be hooked. We've already been playing the socks off of Grubbins on Ice and are loving it. So what are you buying this week? more »
Lace Mamba Global have confirmed the contents and release date of the upcoming Collector's Edition of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout which will include the official game soundtrack on a separate music CD, and a A2 artwork poster for the SRP of 19.99, this will be the debut for the critically acclaimed German adventure game in English-speaking territories starting with the UK where it will see release January 21st. more »
Fans of Dead Space will have Christmas come early as EA and Visceral Games announce that players will be able to step into Isaac Clarke's engineering shoes five weeks before the release of the highly anticipated Dead Space 2. more »
For any Alan Wake fans out there, and to be fair anyone who has played the game should have loved it to death! So the official Alan Wake store is officially having some December sales, which means if you head over to their store now you may be able to p… more »
The BBC has announced the date for the newest, and final episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games as Christmas Day, of all days! As a treat to all families that have been enjoying the adventure games, the BBC have decided to release the last episode immediately to follow the BBC One and BBC HD broadcast of the annual Christmas Special, and the fourth episode will be available on the Doctor Who website. more »
For those Train aficiandos out there Just Trains, one of the many developers that create add-ons for the highly successful Railworks have announced that they will be releasing a very special collection just in time for Christmas.The Just Trains Col… more »
We recently reviewed the brilliant puzzle first person action title The Ball and couldnt stop ourselves from interviewing their project lead and creative director Sjoerd De Jong of Teotl Studios, based in Central Sweden The Ball is their first title, we… more »
Now one game that I know a lot of people have been waiting for has finally been given a release date, and that is Kirby?s Epic Yarn. Now you may think 'Kirby? that's a kids game!' and just dismiss it but this is certainly one game that all Nintendo Wii o… more »
One developer that is not new to the karaoke series of videogames that have hit the Nintendo Wii as of late, is Nordic games, the creators of the We Sing series, well they now have a new game available which will cater to some specific music fans with We… more »
This week: News (1:17): Kirby's Epic Yarn Dr Who the Adventure Series Alan Wake Xbox Live rewards Deus Ex Human Revolution Games for Windows Catherine Michael Jackson: The Experience Ms. Splosion Man Team Fortress 2 Game Dev Story 2 Subver… more »
Although this week may not be full of big budget blockbusters there is still a treasure trove of games fit for the gamer that does not rely on first person shooters for entertainment, what will you be buying this week? more »
OMG: Our Manic Game, developed by Arkedo Studio was one of the launch titles for Windows Phone 7. At first glance it looks like a bog standard shmup, similar to some of the Space Invader reboots over the years, only mixed with the awesome bright neon gr… more »
Eidos Montreal has announced details concerning the highly anticipated pre-order packs for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. more »
Poker night at the inventory is Telltale Games? newest game to be pushed out of their fantastic pilot program, going back to their roots in Texas Hold'em Poker Night at the Inventory features four recognisable faces from gaming. With everyone's favourite… more »
This week: News (01:46): Stacking Chime Blue Toad Murder Files Radiant Historia World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mark Leung Revenge of the Bitch ilomilo STALKER Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Enslaved: Odyssey to the We… more »
You wouldn't be alone if you asked "What's Faery Legends of Avalon?" I had no idea myself until I sat down to play this rough gem of a game. It comes from Spiders, a French company whose previous work only includes porting adventure titles such as Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper and the long awaited Gray Matter, as well as their currently in development title Mars. Faery is their first in-house developed game with Focus Home Interactive picking it up for publishing. more »
This week marks the long-awaited release of Gran Turismo 5, as well as a few low-profile games like the brilliant Epic Mickey, Namco's revival of Splatterhouse, plus Mafia II's newest DLC. We're even closer to the Holidays and yet the amount of impressive games being released is not faltering, just don't forget you need to buy your family holiday presents, don't spend all your money on games! Here's our pick of the releases this week. more »
Blitz Games and THQ have teamed up once again to bring The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout over to the Xbox 360 and turn it into a Kinect title. Allowing for a more well-rounded experience that of course requires you to actually exercise instead of fake it when you don?t feel like moving about anymore. more »
Stacking is a new brilliant downloadable title from Double Fine Productions; a new imaginative third-person adventure puzzle title that will combine great storytelling and puzzle-solving challenges in an absolutely beautiful setting. more »