With the new Assassin's Creed out this week for the masses of fans of the series there will be little else on most gamers' minds, however there is a nice selection of games out if you aren't interested in Ezio's tale through Rome. You can chase down some racers in Hot Pursuit or kill some pure-blood wizards in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. There is definitely something for everyone this week, here's our pick of the best releases. more »
We love the Fallout series at Gamercast, in fact its one series that has really stood the test of time so we weren?t surprised to find New Vegas the fantastic gritty experience that we expected it to be, and neither were we surprised of the amazing news… more »
If you couldn?t make it down to London for Eurogamer Expo, or the recent 18th bi-annual MCM Expo because they are simply too far away, don?t fret because the Winter Memorabilia show at the NEC in Birmingham.Like all good exhibitions Memorabilia has it… more »
Fable III of course very recently came out on the 29th of October, well now Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have teamed together and announced their first piece of DLC for Fable III which is called the Fable III Understone Quest Pack. The main focus o… more »
Cities XL 2011 has everything that that you want in a city building sim; with housing, commerce and industry to build with the your usual city services, however what is best about Cities XL 2011 is that not only can you build a comprehensive city that ro… more »
Yuji Naka is a name that most would associate with Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA, well that's all in the past now because Yuji Naka is now the frontman for Prope Software a Japanese based company that Yuji Naka founded back in 2006.Ivy the Kiwi? Is the… more »
Excalibur Publishing have recently announced yet another tirade of simulators with their partners Astragon to bring to the needy masses of simulators across the country.First off is Digger Simulator 2011, sequel to the rather impressive Digger Simula… more »
PopCap games have finally announced that their first ever downloadable title for the Nintendo DSiWare in Europe is now available for download in the UK and Ireland for a low 500 Nintendo DSi Points.The Bookworm series is one of Popcap?s most successf… more »
This week: News (0:23): L.A. Noire Bookworm Digger Simulator 2011 Tanker Truck Simulator Dive to the Titanic Gran Turismo 5 BlazBlue Continuum Shift Fancy Pants Adventures Wildlife: Forest Survival Gatling Gears Warp Dynasty Warriors Onlin… more »
This week's gaming is dominated by the absolutely massive release of Call of Duty: Black Ops and the release of Microsoft's Kinect, and whilst there are some impressive smaller titles such as Sonic Colours, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley and Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama unfortunately our heads are clouded by the amount of fun that we are having with Kinect! more »
We showed our faces at the London MCM Expo in true Gamercast fashion this week, with mountains of games to play, merchandise to purchase and cosplay to oogle, the MCM Expo held at the London ExCel centre is still THE place to go if you are a gaming nut!… more »
Welcome Sports fans to the wonderous.....nay.....LEGENDARY world of Blood Bowl, enter some of the finest stadia that Cyanide Studio and the Old world have to offer. more »
It may not be picking Call of Duty: Black Ops to the number 1 spot, but Farming simulator 2011 is possibly the most impressive and well-rounded simulation title out there, with fans all across the world this humble German farming simulator is definitely worth adding to your Christmas list, because it's everything a simulator fan would want. more »
In Spike and Namco Bandai's sequel to the 2009 epic Japanese anime fighting game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast you will be blown away from the get-go from the very intro cutscene with a fight between Broly and Goku ending with a Kamehameha that is practically more amazing than the anime itself more »
Telltale Games' strangest game to date; Poker Night at the Inventory has been pinned down to a release this month and many exclusive items have been named for unlocking in possibly the most imaginative Texas Hold'em in video game history.Bringing… more »
Capcom have officially announced that one of the cutest titles to date is now coming out on the Nintendo DS on March 18th and that game happens to be Okamiden. more »
This week: News (1:23): Okamiden Kinect Batman Dragon Age II Battlefield Play4Free Bejeweled 3 Nintendo 3DS Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Poker Night at the Inventory Name that game (22:02): Answer to last week was Metal Gear Solid Congrats to Cath… more »
Now marks a slight lull in releases, after gamers have been given huge titles like Fallout: New Vegas, Fable 3 and more niche games like Deadly Premonition, Naruto and Dragonball Z there is a quiet period this Friday before the storm of Call of Duty: Black Ops this coming Tuesday. However there is still a few impressive games in the line up this week. more »
The phrase don't judge a book by its cover comes to mind when contemplating Deadly Premonition. No matter what ideas you create when looking at the front of the game you will never expect the huge expanse of weird characters and sudden surprises that will take place throughout your journey. You will realise just why Deadly Premonition is one of the most important cult games in the history of ever. more »
One of the best known series' of video games to come out of the UK over the last decade is the Fable series, the first game graced the Xbox back in 2004 and took gamers by storm. Developed by Lionhead Studios it was their third game under the new studio and worked as a great change from creating god games. Well Fable III is now their newest adventure; once again set in Albion, you play as the Prince or Princess of the kingdom dependant on which sex you'd rather play the game through. more »
A recent Limited Collector's Edition that is a first for a well known studio is the Fable III Limited Collector's Edition. Of course Lionhead Studios have created limited editions in the past however they don't compare to the mighty Fable III's Collector's Edition. more »
This week: News (0:51:)Deathsmiles Spare Parts Xbox 360 dashboard Capcom Killzone 3 Shinji Mikami Golden Joysticks Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom MCM Expo Name that game (20:30):Answer to last week was Fallout 3 Congrats to chatroom +… more »